The business of hosting workshops + seminars

A business discussion

Do you already host workshops or seminars? Or are you just getting started? We’ll take you through the basics of the business: from the financial plan to the marketing plan. And even set down dates. You’ll also have the opportunity to brainstorm with other creative entrepreneurs the best workshop series for your business.

This is your opportunity to learn about the business side of hosting workshops and seminars, and take definitive action to make it happen. Leading the discussion are two workshop pros: Nancy Mancilla and Kris Angell. Both have years of experience developing workshops and training sessions.

Jan 31, 2018



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  • Light networking
  • Introduction to Sandbox
  • Workshop series: what is it, what’s needed to be successful, how it will work

Who should come:

  • Makers, artisans, entrepreneurs: people and businesses with a skill or product that is easily made.
  • Sales, marketing, HR and real estate businesses: businesses with information and education that makes for great seminars.
  • Persons with a general interest.

*Note, two meetings are being offered to fit your schedule: noon and 6pm. There is no need to attend both.