Board Sunday

Where volunteer and non-profit boards gather. Post meeting networking allows ideas to percolate and possibilities to grow.

The Next Board Sunday is:

January 21, 2018


Good ideas spread further when shared. Host your board meetings at Sandbox, stay for networking with other boards.

On Sundays, Sandbox hosts 10-20 organizations for their board and committee meetings. Half meet during the morning and half in the afternoon. The boards overlap at lunch for serendipitous collaboration through purpose driven networking. We’ll be charging $10 per person. Board Sundays is an opportunity to build coherence and network within the broader community—something that the UX and design communities have been talking about for some time.

Already have a set meeting place? You can still visit us at lunch time.

Available times: 9-1pm, 12-4pm
RSVP + Application Required
Cost: $10/person
Beverages + pasta salad provided. Potluck welcome.