Board Sundays

Serendipitous collaboration through purpose driven networking.

When you participate in Board Sundays:

  • Boards get stuff done.
  • Attendees always leave having built a stronger organization and network.
  • Speakers (if any) come from our community to engage and learn from the community.
  • You gain access to ideas and people.

The Next Board Sunday

January 21

Join in the fun by filling out the application below.

We are now accepting applications. We invite you to participate in Board Sundays.

On Sundays, boards representing nonprofits, volunteer organizations and community groups gather to plan their events. 10 boards meet in the morning, and another 10 that afternoon. During the overlap board members mingle, sharing a potluck lunch. Occasionally we have a speaker from the City of San Diego or civic institution.

Who should participate

Groups who are building a better San Diego through volunteer activities. While you don’t need to be a licensed 501c3, your group should not be owned by any one person or organization. It cannot be a corporation or Bcorp. It can be a school PTA, a Meetup organizing team or a Toastmasters board.

How does it work

Boards apply to be a part of Board Sundays. After a review you will be invited to sign up for a morning or afternoon session. We have limited capacity to reschedule board sessions, please provide 2 weeks notice to allow us to invite another board to fill your slot.

Volume: Boards with 3-20 members from up to 15 organizations

Cost: $10/person (subject to change)

Timeline: Meet 10 – 12 > lunch networking 12 – 1 > Meet 1 – 3
Session 1: Morning 9:30 – 1
Session 2: Afternoon 12 – 3:30

Apply for your board

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    We can accommodate from 3-15 board members or team members.
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